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Royalus Group is a mini-holding company. Our new direction reflects our future in music entertainment, product design, and more. 

About Royalus

Royalus Group is a mini-holding company. Our mission is to build companies that better society. The company was founded in 1997 by Roy Philipose, designing webpages. Royalus is back in the development stage.

Contact: Philadelphia, Pa | 484 857 7125 |


Roy Philipose, Founder and CEO. 
Roy is a Philosopher and Entrepreneur from Philadelphia. Roy is the "idea guy."


The company is setup in a holding company pattern to allow flexibility.
Mini-Holding Company (1) --> Startups (X)

Royalus Publishing™ - Self-Publish Book Label
- Fcap Press - Book Label Startup
- The Future Capitalist by Roy Philipose
- Thoughts of Wisdom by Roy Philipose

In Development

Royalus Entertainment™ - Music Entertainment
- Fcap Records™ - Music Label Startup
Royalus Design™ - Product Design

- MBrand™ - Doll Startup


- Discontinued
SNetwork/ShareWi - Wifi Sharing

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