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Royalus Group is a mini-holding company. Our new direction reflects our future in startups, music entertainment, product design, and more. 
We are working on some great projects. Come and check us out!

About Royalus
Royalus Group is a mini-holding company. Our mission is to build companies that better society. The company was founded in 1997 by Roy Philipose, designing webpages. Royalus is back in the development stage.

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Roy Philipose, Founder and CEO.

Roy Philipose is a Philosopher and Entrepreneur from Philadelphia. Roy is the "idea guy." He has many of them.

The company is setup in a holding company pattern to allow flexibility.

Mini-Holding Company (1) --> Startups (X)

** Royalus Publishing™ - Self-Publish Book Label (2006)
** Fcap Press (book label) - Active
The Future Capitalist by Roy Philipose
Thoughts of Wisdom by Roy Philipose
In Development
* Royalus Investments™ - Investment Management
* Royalus Design™ - Product Design
* Royalus Entertainment™ - Music Entertainment


Royalus Group has several startups in various stages of development. Each startup has its own mission. Startups will be created, developed, potentially sold, or discontinued over time.
Startups - Focus Order
1) Fcap Records - Music Label Startup

2) MBrand - Doll Startup

SNetwork/ShareWi - Wifi Sharing

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